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In the season opener, the girls are celebrating their first anniversary of their powers and Prue is dealing with the death of Andy. A demon appears in the attic and steals the Book of Shadows and starts to earse all the spells in the book. As he does so, all the demons from the first season start reappearing (beginning with Piper's boyfriend/ Jeremy)and must be vanquished.

"Morality Bites"

Phoebe has a premonition of her own execution in the future. She is to be burned at the stake in a modern day witch hunt. The girls have to it's a variation on "That Seventies Episode" only this time the girls are in thier own bodies in the future instead of seeing their older selves.

"The Devil's Music"

The girls are up against a band manager who has made a deal with a demon. He will have great success as long as he keeps feeding the demon young girls. Nothing terribly exciting about this episode other than Luscious Jackson is scheduled as a musical guest who will play in Piper's nightclub.

"Painted World"

Prue has a client who brings a painting into the auction house. The painting is haunted and the sisters are sucked into the painting and must vanquish the demon who exsists within and get back out before the painting is destroyed.

"She's a Man"

there is a demon that is aparently killing men, so Prue casts a spell which turns her into... a man.

The mega Irish band Cranberries is scheduled to appear in one of the episodes which airs on Nov. 4th. (from Charmed Fan Site)

"That Ol' Black Magic"

, Leo is back, but why, can he help them uncover a dark secret? An evil witch escapes a 200 year imprisonment ad seeks to destroy the Charmed ones. The only hope is to find "The Chosen One" who can use the witch's wand for good rather then evil. And this could be difficult when Leo gets Jealous of Dan and Piper, it leaves this sisters basically on thier own. (From TomKatt's Picture Episode Guide)


Its bewitching wardrobe and Charmed tchotchkes are up for sale on the Internet (at, so you know this drama has arrived. But will the Power of Three still cast a spell this fall? Here's a sister-by-sister look at what's brewing.


With the death of her cop boyfriend, Prue has some healing to do, but she deals with it head-on. 'She will absolutely be experiencing new relationships and new romances,' promises executive producer Constance M. Burge. Prue's work at Buckland Auction House goes on, but with a twist: 'She'll be changing it to make it more like herself--a little hipper, a little more unconventional,' says Burge.


After quitting the restaurant business, ex-chef Piper launches a club that will occasionally feature big-name musical acts. Impressive, yes, but Holly is just happy to be rid of Piper's uniform. 'I had probably twenty different white work shirts,' she says. On the romance front, Piper and Leo renew theirs, but a new neighbor (Greg Vaughan) who's raising his niece (Karis Paige Bryant) complicates things when he becomes infatuated with Piper.


Leave it to the youngest, Phoebe to keep the Halliwells hopping. 'Being the most curious of the three, she'll find herself in a little more trouble as she tries to create her own wish-fulfillment spells,' says Burge. Meanwhile, fearless Phoebe also will experiment socially. 'She'll be out there exploring,' says Burge, 'but not really locking down to one guy.